Fayette County Board of Supervisors

March 2018 - From the Chairman:

This is an update on the last article I wrote (December 2017) concerning the
“No Snow Removal Routes” roads in Fayette County. First let me apologize for
causing any confusion with that article. Since writing the article the Supervisors
and the County Engineer have had some concerns addressed to us by the
traveling public and we do take all of your concerns seriously. When the
decision was made to add more roads to the list this year we looked at roads
that have no persons living on them. Also, we looked to see if there was an
alternate route for people to use when we put these roads on a “no plow or low
priority plow” list so as to not make a long unnecessary commute for the
persons that use these roads daily.

The only thing that is set in stone is the Ten Commandments, everything else
can be amended and with that being said, the Road Classification Map (No
Snow Removal Route) has been amended, so you can, if you wish, once again
go the Fayette County web site and download an updated map for the No Snow
Removal Route roads.  During a tough winter, it is very important that our plow
operators are able to focus on the most critical roads. We all know that some
roads are much more difficult to keep open than others. If you have
recommendations on routes to add to the “no plow or low priority plow” list,
please talk with a member of the Board of Supervisor’s or your County
Engineer, Joel Fantz.

Here are some interesting facts, from the past five years, on the cost of
removing snow in the County which includes any and all work/expenses that
goes into getting the equipment ready to actually removing the snow from the
roads. The highest cost was in Fiscal Year 2014 with $1,087,200.86 spent
toward the snow removal expenses and the lowest was in Fiscal Year 2015 with
$446,397.73. Costs ranged from $952.85 to $391.23 per mile. The two week
(pay period) that received the highest cost of snow removal was in January
2017 between the 15th and the 28th, at a cost of $208,386.20.  As of February
24, 2018, the County has spent $294,976.72 on snow removal.  As I am writing
this article things are iced over and the snow is falling, so there will be more cost
for snow removal this year.

On to a more pleasant topic, I hope, that is the parking lot at the Courthouse.
This project was put on hold a few year ago due to finding water issues within
the Courthouse which lead to new windows being installed in the Courthouse.
The parking lot is back on as a project this summer/fall as we have received
approval from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHIPO) to proceed with the

There will be parking issues that people will need to be made aware of, with
limited or no parking in the current parking lot at the Courthouse so you may be
asked to park on the streets that surround the Courthouse which will require
some walking.

The current sidewalk, that runs directly aside the south and west side of the
Courthouse, will be extended to include the north and the east side also. As of
now those who are handicapped have to use the west door however with the
improvements they will have access to the east door with handicapped parking
clearly marked. Along with the parking lot project there will also be
improvements to the north and east sidewalks, next to the street, as they are
crumbling apart and difficult to walk on with standing water that turns into ice in
the cold weather.

You may contact me at:
jtellin@co.fayette.ia.us  or at the Supervisor’s Office
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