Fayette County Board of Supervisors

December 2018 - From the Chairman

Eight years ago, I was elected to my first term as Fayette County Supervisor,
after several weeks of meetings, I came home and said to my husband, Dennis,
I wish there was a way I could inform the citizens why things are done the way
they are in County government. His response was - why don’t you write an
article for the newspapers. So, the “From the Chairman” articles were started.
Most of the articles were in response to a question/s that my husband asked
concerning County business and my thinking was, that if it were important to
him, you also may be wondering why things happen the way they do in County

I asked the Oelwein Daily Register, Fayette County Union, Leader, Echo and
the Fayette County Treasurer to publish the news article and they gladly said
yes and I would like to thank them for allowing that. After many articles were
published, I was contacted by Barb from the Oran Telephone Company to send
the articles to her, as she would post them for the citizens of Oran to read and
also by Michael Hohenbrink from the Calmer newspaper to share the articles
with them for publishing in their newspaper. It was also the suggestion of the
Fayette County Treasurer to start to archive the article, so if you missed an
article, starting with the March 2016 article, you may go to the County webpage
and click on Newsletters to read any you may have missed.

I would like to thank all the people who have told me how much they have
enjoyed reading the articles, and how it helps with transparency in government,
that truly means a lot to me. Thank you for reading the articles.

In closing, I will tell you that this is my last, “From the Chairman” article. No, I
haven’t run out of things to write about. However, I have asked Janell Bradley,
my fellow Fayette County Supervisor, to take over writing the articles and she
has agreed to do that. I know that she will do an outstanding job as she has an
education in journalism, so please enjoy reading her articles.  
You may contact me at:
                  or Janell at:

The office phone number is: 563-422-3538

On a personal note: Campaigns are tough and costly and I would like to thank
all the individuals that placed their name on the ballot for election/re-election to
a public office. Welcome to all that won and thank you for your service to all that
decided not to seek re-election or lost their election.  Thank you.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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