Fayette County Board of Supervisors

March 2017 - From the Chairman:

Some questions have come up concerning the recommendation from the
Fayette County Compensation Board to the Supervisors for raises to the
Fayette County Elected Officials for Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018 and the
Supervisors approving that recommendation.

The Compensation Board in Fayette County is very good at what they do.
Before they make a recommendation to the Supervisors they consider what
Iowa Code 331.905 and 331.907 states and compares other Counties Elected
Officials salaries throughout the State of Iowa.  I encourage you to read this
code and understand all that is required of the Compensation Board before
they vote to make the recommendation to the Supervisors.

Salaries of all Elected Officials are always going to be a topic of discussion
because the money for their salaries does come from the taxpayers. However,
there are many workers for the County that receive a wage from the taxpayers,
from the County Assessor Office to the Weed Commissioner Office. (Not listed
in order of importance just alphabetical.) The deputy clerk in the Elected
Officials offices can receive up to 85% of the Elected Officials salary and the
clerks in the Elected Officials office can receive up to 80% of the Elected
Officials salary so a salary recommendation affects more than just the eight
County Elected Officials.

For Fiscal Year 2011 -12 all Elected Officials salaries were held to a 0% raise,
this decision was made by the Supervisors. In Fiscal Year 2012-13 and FY 2013
-14 there was a 75% reduction by the Supervisors of the Compensation Board’s
recommendation also for FY 2013 -14 the Supervisors received a 0% increase
in their salary at the recommendation of the Compensation Board. (The
Compensation Board can separate out the Supervisors from the other Elected
Officials in making a recommendation for a salary increase or freeze).  In FY
2014-15 the Elected Officials received 100% of the recommendation from the
Compensation Board (Attorney, Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer and Supervisors
at 3% and Sheriff at 15%) in FY 2015-16 there was an increase of 1.7% plus a
rank adjustment ranging from $750 to $2000, in FY 2016-17 an increase of 1%
with a rank adjustment ranging from $1500 to $2000 ( Supervisors received no
rank adjustment for FY 2016 -17) and Fiscal Year 2017-18 an increase of .3%
with a rank adjustment ranging from $2000 to $3000. For FY  2017-18 the Cost
of Living Adjustment (COLA) was recommended at 1% however the Supervisor
cut that back to .3% as that is what the COLA is for those on Social Security.   

*As I was writing this article a bill (legislation) was introduced, adopted and
passed out of Committee. This is what the bill states:  HSB 11 – The bill would
abolish the County Compensation Board and transfer the duty of setting County
Elected Officials compensation to the Board of Supervisors. An amendment was
offered that would retain the Compensation Board but change the membership
to five township trustees chosen from among all township trustees in the county
by themselves. A different amendment was proposed that would retain the
Compensation Board but the members would be chosen by each township
selecting a trustee and each city choosing a councilperson and then choosing
five members from that group to serve on the Compensation Board. The
amendment was adopted and the bill passed out of Committee as amended.

As it is now the County Attorney, Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer and Sheriff each
chose a person from the County to represent them on the Compensation Board
and the Supervisors chose two people to represent them. As you see this would
all change if this bill becomes law.

The Supervisors work more than just the Monday business meeting. On the
Fayette County website under the Supervisors tab is a list of all the boards/
commissions we are assigned to. Most all of the Boards/ Commissions meet
monthly and a Supervisor need to be there whether it is a meeting held in
Fayette County or as far away as Emmet County. We also attend the Farm
Bureau Legislative Forums so the public can address concerns with us, Six
County meetings held with other Supervisors and Engineers to discuss issues
within our respective Counties, receive calls at home for County related issues
and receive/answer emails during the day. We also have one Supervisor in the
office on Thursday, unless there is a Six County meeting.

The question posed in an open forum letter in the Oelwein Daily Register
concerning the money spent on Ziegler Inc.:  Ziegler deals in CAT ag and
construction equipment, not salt and sand. When there’s a bill paid to Ziegler it
is, most likely, for the equipment for Secondary Roads. We also use Ziegler to
rebuild motors/transmissions for the equipment, as there is limited space in the
current secondary roads shop and having a motor torn apart takes up an extra
stall. (The Maintenance crew can do the work however as I stated our space is
limited). One more reason we would like a new shop.

*This information was taken from the Iowa State Associations of Counties
update for 3/3/17.

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