Fayette County Board of Supervisor
Meeting Agenda

Tentative Agenda for 9:00 AM Meeting, Tuesday September 27, 2016

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Approve Agenda.
  3. Read and approve the minutes from the Monday, September 19th,
    2016 meeting.
  4. 9:30 A.M. Meet with Nancy Dunt from Main Street West Union and
    the Chamber for a discussion and possible decision regarding a
    request to use the Courthouse lawn for a Main Street/Chamber
    Halloween Party.
  5. Approval of Banking Agreement with Bank 1st.
  6. 10:00 A.M. Discussion and Decision regarding changing the  
    Crime Victim Witness Coordinator Position to Full Time.
  7. Discussion regarding the Overtime Rule Change.
  8. Meet with Joel Fantz, County Engineer, for an update.
  9. Update on Courthouse Projects.
  10. Discussion regarding a Policy Governing the use of the County
    Courthouse for Public use.
  11. Weekly updates from various County Departments.

The new agenda is usually posted on Friday morning
Please be aware that Board Meetings may be recorded.
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