Fayette County Board of Supervisor
Meeting Agenda

Tentative Agenda for 9:00 AM Meeting, Monday January 16, 2017

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Approve Agenda.
  3. Read and approve the minutes from the Monday, January 09,   
    2017 meeting.
  4. Meet with Sheri Vierkant, Community Services for approval of pay
    increase for Case Manager.
  5. Approve appointment to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  6. 9:15 A.M. Meet with Joshua Demmer, Martin Gardner Architecture
    and Jon Paulson, Project Engineer from Peters Construction Corp.
    for a Fayette County Window Replacement Project   
    Preconstruction Meeting.
  7. Meet with Joel Fantz, County Engineer, for an Update and Review
    of Budget.
  8. 11:00 A.M. Public Hearing Regarding Engineers Level “C” Roads.
  9. Consider approval of Resolution for Reduced Level of Maintenance
    to Area Service “C” Road:
    Golden Road:  That portion of former Golden Road, aka
    “Barnhouse Alteration” on file in the Fayette County    
    Engineer’s office, located in Section 11-T94N-R8W from the
    East Right-of-Way Line of I Avenue Easterly and Northerly     
    to the current Southerly Right-of-Way Line of Golden Road.
  1. Meet with Catherine Miller, Planning & Zoning, for an update and
    review of budgets.
  2. Approve Quarterly Reports of Elected Officials.
  3. Approve Semi-Annual Report of County Treasurer.
  4. Discussion and Possible Approval of Compensation Board
  5. 1:15 P.M. Meet with Dave Boss and Mary Ann Humpal from North
    East Iowa Community Action for an Update and Budget Request.
  6. 1:45 P.M. Meet with Rod Marlatt and Blake Gamm for review of
    Conservation and Roadside Management Budgets.
  7. 2:15 P.M. Meet with Karen Ford, Recorder, for a Review of Budget.
  8. Update on Courthouse Projects.
  9. Weekly updates from various County Departments.
  10. Work on Departmental Budgets.

The new agenda is usually posted on Friday morning
Please be aware that Board Meetings may be recorded.
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