Fayette County Supervisors
The Fayette County Board of Supervisors consists of three members who are elected at large to
serve the county.  The Supervisors normally meet in regular session on Mondays at 9:00 AM.    

Each Supervisor is also a member of several other boards and commissions as shown below.  

Janell Bradley

Contact Information:


Office: (563) 422-3538

Janell Bradley
PO Box 267
West Union, IA 52175

Darrel Dolf

2018 Vice Chair

Contact Information:


Office: (563) 422-3538

Darrel Dolf
PO Box 267
West Union, IA 52175

Jeanine Tellin

2018 Chair

Contact Information:


Office: (563) 422-3538

Jeanine Tellin
PO Box 267
West Union, IA 52175

Janell is a member of these Boards

  • Fayette County Solid Waste Commission
  • Turkey River Recreation Corridor
  • NE Iowa Community Action Board
  • MHI Advisory Board
  • Heartland Insurance, Alternate Trustee
  • RC & D Board
  • Upper Explorerland Regional Plan. Comm.
  • RLF-IRP Loan Review Board UERPC
  • Housing Trust Fund Board
  • Country Heritage Committee
  • Upper Explorerland Transportation Policy
  • Maquoketa River Watershed Mgt Board
  • Scenic Byways Board

Darrel is a member of these Boards

  • Fayette County Solid Waste Commission
  • Iowa Workforce Development(CEO Board)
  • Upper Exploreland Transportation Policy
    Board, Alternate
  • Emergency Management Board
  • Department of Corrections Services
  • NE Iowa Regional Transit Advisory Board
  • REAP Board
  • E911 Board
  • DHS Advisory Board
  • Conservation Board
  • Prairie View Advisory Board
  • Turkey River Watershed Mgt Board
  • NE Iowa Behavioral Health Board

Jeanine is a member of these Boards

  • Fayette County Solid Waste Commission
  • Dept of Corrections Services, Alternate
  • NE13A  (Area 1 Agency on Aging)
  • Economic Development Board
  • BDF Empowerment Board
  • NE Iowa Juvenile Detention Board
  • Fayette County Tourism
  • Fayette County Community Foundation
  • Public Health Board
  • Fayette County Recycling Committee
  • CSS (County Social Services)
  • Upper Explorerland Transportation Advisory
  • Heartland Insurance Pool Trustee
  • Upper Wapsie Watershed Mgt Board

In 2007 the Board of Supervisors adopted a policy for appointing citizens to serve on these boards.
Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in serving on a board.  
If so, please complete this
application and submit it to the Supervisors.

Board Appointments are made in January, unless there is a resignation.